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学术报告:Performance of Multi-Axial Paving Interlayer Reinforced Asphalt Pavement 打印

主讲人:Professor Jenny Liu
Dr. Jenny Liu:Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Over the last ten years she has secured over 10 million dollars of research funding to support her research in infrastructure materials and pavement engineering. She is the Director of Center for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in Cold Climates. She is currently serving as an Associate Editor for American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Chairman of ASCE Bituminous Materials Committee, Director of American Concrete Institute (ACI) Alaska Chapter, and members of Transportation Research Board (TRB) committees of AFP70, AFK30, and AFK50, and ASCE committees of Highway Pavement and Geo-Institute Pavements. She received Alaska Society of Professional Engineers’ 2016 Engineer of the Year Award.
Paving interlayers have been used in asphalt concrete (AC) overlays for a variety of benefits.In cold regions such as Alaska and other northern states, pavements are more prone to distresses due to extreme climatic conditions. A study has been conducted to explore how paving interlayers function in AC pavements in Alaska. Laboratory investigation of the performance of asphalt mixtures reinforced with three types of paving fabrics: two biaxial fabrics and one newly developed multi-axial reinforced paving composite was presented. The reinforcing effect of the multi-axial interlayer on the entire pavement was further investigated through pavement structural analysis, finite element method (FEM) analysis, and surveys from field test sections. 

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